Dealer's Info

We regularly work with furniture dealers and distributors to design and manufacture furniture that fits their market demands. Our strength lies in our efficiency in manufacturing and delivering cost-effective premium quality furniture with large customisation options. We are open to welcome new dealers to our distribution network.

Whether you are in the furniture distribution business or a new entrepreneur, our manufacturing services can help realise your goals of staying highly competitive and improving market share while providing value to your customers. We support our distributors at every step of the distribution process.
We supply furniture distributors and retailers - with our standard regular production items at very competitive prices. Our standard production items comprise of a complete residential furniture product line including bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture and outdoor furniture. It goes through a rigorous process of continous research, design, development and quality control before being mass produced.


Investing in the latest machinery and a disciplined workforce, our products are semi-machine made - combining precision European machinery with traditional Asian craftsmanship. Our furniture is designed and manufactured in-house at our factory in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia, in a professional and highly cost-effecient work system. Jepara as a location has various advantages for manufacturing not easily found elsewhere, including low material and labour costs, highly skilled labour, training facilities and other necessary infrastructure helpful for furniture production.

Custom Design and OEM Services

We do provide custom design and OEM services. Our R&D team can also help in designing product lines that are market specific to your own market. Samples can be made and shipped out in a week's time for inspection before you purchase in container loads. Being a responsible furniture manufacturer, we do not sell a specific client's custom designs to other clients.

Quality and Consistency

We have strict quality controls in every step of the production process, starting with selection of timbers and other materials, to packing and loading. Manufacturers often face tough choices but compromising on quality is never the choice we make. Maintaining high quality consistently, having your furniture manufactured by Horestco allows you to focus on your goals of improving your market share without having to worry about your suppliers problems.

Cost Effectiveness

Our low inventory and manufacturing only on demand helps us keep our costs low. And we pass on the savings to our clients helping you stay competitive in the marketplace. Our product pricing is highly competitive and stable.

Shipping and Logistical Support

We ship from Port Semarang, Indonesia and Port Klang, Malaysia. We provide complete logistical support through our shipping agents. You are welcome to use your own preferred shipper's services.


We provide a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. We do our best to ensure our furniture is structurally sound and fit for its intended purpose, however if there is a complain, you are entitled to claim for replacement.

Maketing Support

We provide a strong marketing support to our clients in the form of marketing materials and consultation whenever required. High resolution images are available for all our furniture upon request and our distributors are welcome to use them for marketing purposes. Your business growth helps our business grow and therefore we will go the extra mile to help wherever feasible.


We provide various packaging options including printing your private labels on the packaging materials such as carton boxes. Our furniture is shipped out with assembly and furniture care instructions in the languages preferred.