CODE : HDS24-TB-R180
DESCRIPTION : Our Mehfil tables - (mehfil means "a gathering to entertain") - are great for large gatherings. Centre of attraction in any dining area and a constant topic of conversation and admiration. Each table is unique and exhibit naturally occurring knots, graining, splitting and mineral deposits that add character to each piece. Come with a variety of bases. Made of solid single slab top made from Raintree timber. Raintree is also called Pokok Hujan in Malay, Trembesi in Javanese, Meh in Indonesian, while its scientific name is Albizia Saman.
DIMENSION : 6 seater : 120cm L X 100cm W X 80cm H
8 seater : 180cm L X 100cm W X 80cm H
10 seater : 240cm L X 105cm W X 80cm H
12 seater : 300cm L X 105cm W X 80cm H
14 seater : 360cm L X 105cm W X 80cm H
16 seater : 420cm L X 105cm W X 80cm H

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